Madrasah is an alternative Islamic institution in Indonesia which develop during the Dutch colonization. It was happening when the colonizing ruler (the Dutch) undertook their education system. Its consequence was most of Indonesian students had strong interest to study in the Dutch school, and a few of them still had interest to pursue the knowledge in the indigenous education institution.The main characteristics of Madrasah are to adopt the Dutch education system and to combine between the general (common) studies and the Islamic teachings. Surely, as the alternative education institution, Madrasah grows not so smooth as the common school (education institution which merely adopted the foreign education system in its gorwn up). Many efforts to increase the quality of Madrasah, but it looks fail and unsatisfied, indeed Madrasah will be lose in the surface when it will be generalized by the Government as the common school in level and status.In this paper, writer expounds that since its first emergence, Madrasah has no strong characteristic and foundation. When the modernization run faster, it can not survive and sustain the attack. Therefore, it needs strong effort and good intention to develop Madrasah. All elements in the society had to make a continuous evaluation and correction, in order Madrasah comes forward.