Sekularisasi Kesadaran Dan Penafsiran Ulang Dogma-Dogma Syari’at Islam


When modern era came, the religious community’s fear about secularization is because the assumption that secularization will vanishes religious from society. But up to now, many researchers prove that secularization was not rejecting society at all from their religion. On the contrary, secularization has revolted religion of society with the heritage they have brought. Turats (heritage) in this context is dogma, it is something has the truth based on religious script, it can be that text or the product of thought. For lift turatsas a dogma in this modern world, it should go through the process of secularization. In the meaning that turats should be supposed as it live with the society and through history. Turats is not the elemen of transcendence that be detached for life of society. This has been strived by many thinker. But with elaborating al-Jabiri’s thought, Hassan Hanafi, dan Khaled Abou el-Fadl, what is addressed as secularization in this context can be accepted like they have strived for revising the meaning of turats, that is with using three approaches in reading turats, the revolution of transcendence, and hermeneutic. Secularization of dogma, therefore, is not the leaving relligious dogma from its place, however it reconstructs its appropriate meaning.