Pesantren; Antara Transformasi Sosial Dan Upaya Kebangkitan Intelektualisme Islam


Boarding is one of the oldest Islamic institution in Indonesia which has a significant contribution in the intellectual life of the nation. Boarding school is a unique institution, not because its existence is already long, but also culture, methods, and networks. Stigmatization of the pesantren education as a classic conservative and old-fangled, it appears that currently need to be re-examined. Study of the social functions of religious schools is required by weighing the repeated the role and dynamics of the boarding school in the community. The dynamics of the modernity of the pesantren were affected resulting in the issue of the cultural identity of the pesantren. This problem can be thought of as a consequence and Logical implications when the boarding school had to deal with modernity. This article is focused on the study of the role of social transformation and the boarding school as a religious institution in strengthening Islamic traditions. Includes the study of the ability of the Pesantren in running the educational and socio-cultural functions in Indonesia community