Kontribusi Religiusitas dalam Perilaku Pengambilan Keputusan Konsumsi


Consequential is one aspect of religiousity, which one is away from anyform imposed by Allah s.w.t. Consumption is forbidden by Allah swt isthe consumption of haram goods. In this study will look at contributionshalalness a product of consumption decisions. This study used fourindependent variables of quality, halal, price and side effects. Thesampling method used was non-probability sampling method using themethod of sampling convenience. Analysis of data has using multiplelinear regression analysis. The findings of the four variables showed apositive and significant effect, the variable side effects are most dominantvariable. While halal variable have the second greatest influence indetermining consumption decisions. This suggests that religiosity variableis a variable that determines the capture market share, in the marketingstrategy