ISLAM DAN RADIKALISME: Telaah atas Ayat-ayat “Kekerasan” dalam al-Qur’an


The discouse of radicalism in all religions always presenting the name of God. This is understandable because religion has a strong authority over various other strength. Including Islam, which since the beginning has declared itself as a peace religion, his teachings by some people often used as justification for violent acts. One of the reasons is the missunderstanding of the verses of Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophets of jihad and war (qital). This article aims to review these verses with regard to the meaning and historical context that result the correct and comprehensive understanding. This article concludes that jihad and war (qital) in the Qur’an is different from the act of radicalism. The main purpose of jihad is human welfare and not warfare. So, jihad is the duty of every muslim throughout his life, while war (qital) is conditional, temporal, and as a last attempt after no other way except the physical resistance. Besides the implementation of the war also must meet various requirements are very stringent.