Cation Exchange Capacity of Zeolite X from Bagasse Ash against Magnesium(II)


Water is a substance crucial for human life and industries. The good water must be fulfill some criteria, such as absence of Ca2+ or Mg2+ cations. The cations can be reduced by ion exchange process. This study used synthesized zeolite X from bagasse ash as cation exchange for Mg2+. Mg ion was used as standard to determine hardness of water by EDTA titration. The analysis showed cation exchange capacity of zeolite X with molar ratio of  Si/Al 1; 1,5 and 2 was 1,9. The value indicated zeolite X have high capability as cation absorbents for Mg2+ ion. Keywords: bagasse ash, cation exchange capacity, magnesium(II), water hardness, zeolite X