Oleh: Muhammad Husni Dosen STAI Al-Qolam Gondanglegi Malang Email: husninabit@yahoo.com  Abstract Culture is the primary factor for an organization to become more productive and effective. Withaout the culture, changing and improvement will not happen well  because, the idea that appears the organizaton as a culture is a newphenomenon. Organizations were only seen as a rational tool to organize and manage a group of people. New, the important of organizional culture has been realized not only by managers of a compony but also by educators. As a social organization, the educational intutision is appeared as an organizational has person culture of which is differenct with the culture of other social organization.The result of this research shows that forming process of organizational culture for sampel: (1) adaptation process, is the adapting prosess after changing in had school of the finaly of the islamic school in indonesia because departement the spirit for infaruralis only file of quality indonesia in the head school.(2) searching patttern, it is done by doing some movement and motivation by the members of school even the efforts didn’t give the result as like as hope; (3) developing system is symbilozed by attending an experieneed principel who efforts to articilate the beliverd values by the school.