Tradisi Meugang dalam Masyarakat Aceh: Sebuah Tafsir Agama dalam Budaya


Meugang is a tradition preserved by the people of Aceh to date. It is hold to welcome Ramadan, Idul Fitri and Eid al-Adha. It is a manifestation of a religious interpretation practiced in a form of Acehnese culture. How is meugang tradition in the society? Why this culture is believed to be part of the religion and operates as religious interpretation in people’s life? This study answers them by analyzing the tradition shape through direct observation, because the researcher is an active participant as native Acehnese and live among them. Furthermore, document review is done on the tradition. The results showed that meugang is one of the practices of values existing in Islam. This tradition is used as a means of religious teaching practice, such as anyone who likes to welcome Ramadan will be prevented from the fire of hell. This is indicated by eating meat as a form of pleasure of Acehnese people, as well as holding a feast expecting reward from food or alms. This tradition has been inherent in Aceh, so this tradition is like recommended in religion, it operates as a part of  religion, and as if it is a compulsory ordered by religion.