Pesan Profetik Lingkungan dalam Hadis


Lack of understanding religious texts, anthropocentric views and lack of integral consciousness of human in the universe are the causes of environmental damages. Understanding of environmental prophetic message in hadith is one way to solve the problems. The sentences relating to preserving the environment in the hadith are ḥafiẓa and ra‘ā, while those affiliated to destruction are fasada and halaka. By using thematic approaches to the sentence in various texts of hadith, there are basic ideas about environmental prophetic message delivered by Rasulullah PBUH. In preserving the environment, prophetic messages cover maintenance goals, inclusive ownership, positive contributions, using based on uses, sustainable program, limit uses, and jointly supervised on using environment. The environmental damages include exploitative goals, exclusive ownership, negative contributions, incorrect uses, unsustainable programs, unlimited uses, and self-supervised. The religious texts on the environment in hadith are not preserved text. These texts should always be lived on to bring a new interpretation of the existing environmental phenomenon.      Keywords:   hadith, prophetic messages, environment, prophetic ecocentrism