Spiritualitas Sains Modern: Pembacaan Terhadap Relasi Agama dan Sains


Modern science receives a diverse response from the religionists. This is motivated by the reading of religious texts which are often contrary to recent science research. Modern science advancement is not connected with spirituality improments. Spirituality becomes another dimension of science. In that situation, the integration theory of Ian G. Barbour tries to unravel the patterns of modern science and religion relation. There are four types of relationships: conflict; independent; dialog; and integration. This approach is rarely implemented in the realm of Islamic studies. This research seeks to implement the approach in Islamic studies by using descriptive-analytical method. The authors found the tendency of Muslim scientists more dominant in the exploration of Islamic studies than scientific aspect. So the dominant relation between science and religion is conflict; dialogue and natural theology. The factors are the educational background of Muslim scientists who are dominant in religious studies; limitations of interdisciplinary study and lack of openness and renewal of views (tajd─źd) on religious texts.