Eko-Sufisme Islam Aboge Masjid Saka Tunggal Cikakak Banyumas


This research aims to explored environment ethic based of spirituality (eco-sufism) by explore cultural values of Islam Aboge Cikakak in effort of environment crisis. This research uses a qualitative approach. Data aggregation by observation methods, interview, and documentation, in relation to 1) the teaching, 2) tradition, 3) cultural values, 4) environment consciousness. The collected data then analyze with constant comparison. The research found that root of Islam Aboge’s culture is acculturation between Islam and Kejawen tradition was teached by Kiai Mustholih. That’s about Aboge (Alip Rebo Wage) Calender, Jaro Jab tradition, Muludan, and Saka Tunggal Mosque (the oldest mosque in Indonesia). Eco-sufism of Islam Aboge was conclude in life interpretation that ‘for God’, and have to ‘back to God’. Simbolic meaning of the name og year ini Aboge Calender (ada-ada tumandang gaer lelakon urip bola bali marang suwung), full and total comprehension of unity of being (God-man-nature), transformation of self, natas, nitis, and netes.