Propaganda Khilafah HTI di Indonesia


This study presents the contemporary issues related to the discourse of the caliphate in the online media. Online media studied were page. The website is an official website belonging to Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI). There are two key concepts used in this article, namely the study of the ummah and community unimaginable (Imagined Community). These two theories urgent to support the findings of the analysis of discourse built on construction related caliphate. The former is used to construct an argument about the unimaginable imagination regarding the establishment of a caliphate. The second is intended to focus on how important the caliphate discourse touted as the impact of the attention on the issue. Researcher focused on contemporary issues are discussed in the related pages. That is because to know what are the themes of their discussion. The purpose of this study is to describe the construction of a caliphate discourse, especially in contemporary issues. Another aim is to know the characters used caliphate discourse. The results showed three main issues in page. First, regarding the dangers of neo-liberalism and neoimperalisme. Secondly, regarding terrorism and violence. Thirdly, on environmental issues. While the character of the caliphate discourse shows two characters. First, using history as a religious legitimacy. Second, prominent Islamic identity are striking.