Pesantren Dan Pendidikan Politik Di Indonesia: Sebuah Reformulasi Kepemimpinan Islam Futuristik


Abstract: There is an increasing concern as if discussing politics in pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) was uncommon. This oddity is due to the conception of a person who puts pesantren merely a decontextualised scholarly reproduction of an-sich (from the real world problem or real politics) and not as an agent of change. In fact, pesantren is a replica of life integrating various life skills, including politics. The most interesting finding was that the diverse activities of life in the boarding school had raised the seedling of students’ political sense. This article also recommends the presence of political boarding school establishment, as a political incubator for Islamic activists as the continuity of conditioning political awareness in pesantren. Its realization is believed to be able to trigger the acceleration of the Islamic ideal leader candidate in Indonesia.