Pendidikan Karakter dan Pergeseran Sosiopsikologis Penganut Aliran Tarekat Qadiriyahwanaqsabandiyah Surabaya


This article discusses the character education and socio-psichological shift among the followers of Tarekat QadiriyahwaNaqsabandiyah Surabaya. Tarekat QādiriyyahwaNaqshabandiyyah is a tarekat which combines QādiriyyahwaNaqshabandiyyah carried out by Syekh Aḥmad Khaṭīb al-Sambasī from Kalimantan who practiced dhikr khafī and jahr by reciting Lāilāha illā Allāh. The tarekat has prescribed several teachings, such as the perfectness of sulūk, the adab of the adherents, dhikr, and murāqabah. Some of its basic tenets are: dhikr, murāqabah, rābiṭah, performing sharī‘ah, doing optional worships, showing wara‘ and zuhd behaviors, khalwah and‘uzlah. Among its rites, moreover, are: bay‘ah and dhikr. This article reveals that the adherents of QādiriyyahwaNaqshabandiyyah turn out to have better socio-psychological characters, such as patience, endurance, sincerity, satisfaction, and persistence in doing pure as well as social worships than they were before.Those are some indicators of good characters. In other words, the article concludes that the teachings, tenets, and rites of the tarekat can be used as a media to build noble characters of the society by undergoing socio-psychological changes in their daily behaviors.