MODERATE ISLAM IN LOMBOK: The Dialectic between Islam and Local Culture


This study looks into the concept of moderate Islam; describes the distinctive formation of moderate Islam in Indonesia and dialectical phenomena between culture and religion in the Muslim community of the Lombok island. Grounded in qualitative method involving participative observation, interview, documentation and critical discourse analysis, this study reveals that the dialectics and dynamics between the shari’a texts with reality and local traditions in Lombok have brought about the concept of Islam Nusantara characterizing wasatiyyah (moderate), tawazun (balance), tasamuh (tolerance), shura (priotizing dialogue), dan i‘tidal (justice). Islam Lombok illustrates the harmonious interfaith coexistence comprising pluralistic societies including diverse ethnicity, religion, and culture; and portrays Islam rahmatan lil ‘Alamin (Islam as a mercy of the universe). Overall, this study suggests that the concept of moderate Islam could be seen in Lombok and might be applied in other communities in Indonesia.