Discourse of Islamic Jurisprudence in Indonesian Ma'had Aly between Taqlidy and Manhajy


Fiqh as the identity and characteristics of religious knowledge in pesantren has been developed in accordance with the development and dynamics of society. This study is focused on the development of fiqh in pesantren with special reference on Ma'had Aly as-Salafiyah as-Syafiiyah,  Islamic boarding school Situbondo. As one of  higher education in pesantren, Ma'had Aly Situbondo is  projected to be a center of development in jurisprudence. It become a fiqh center in Indonesia.  The development of fiqh in Ma'had Aly has a different characteristic from that is developed in other pesantren in general. In this pesantren usul fiqh is placed in the most central position in the study of Islamic law. It is intended to give a concrete  respond to the various issues and problems that frequently occur in the community.