Management of Strengthening Character Education in Junior High School


This article aims to analyze the management of character education at MTs Raudlatusy Syubban Pati (Junior high school). This research uses a case study research model using a qualitative approach. The data collection techniques used in this study are observation, interview, and documentation. The results of research related to the management of strengthening character education in the case of studies at MTs Raudlatusy Syubban in this study, supporting education must fulfill the following aspects, referring to the school's vision and mission, conducting assessments to identify school potential, formulating and determining the main character values to be developed, school programs are compiled jointly with all school components, and teachers make character-based learning devices RPP (lesson plan). Character education in MTs Rudlatusy Syubban must continue to be improved because character is the main element that proves that education is successful. The more successful an education is, the better the character of the students will be. This reason is also the background for character education at MTs Raudlatusy Syubban to continue to be intensified.