Implemnetasi Pendekatan Fenomenologi Dalam Studi Agama Islam


The research aims to elucidate the phenomenological approach in an attempt to examine and understand various religious phenomena as they are, by allowing the manifestation of religious experiences. The research method employs a literature review with data collection through documentation techniques. Data processing involves the reduction and presentation of data. Research findings: The phenomenological approach has two characteristics: first, understanding the religion of others from a neutral standpoint, and then attempting to reconfigure that religion to align with the experiences of others based on their preferences. Second, formulating a taxonomy to classify religious and cultural community phenomena. The focus of religious phenomenology is essentially the exploration of the essence, meaning, and basic structure of human religious experiences. Human religious experiences have an irreducible essence and form the basic structure of human religion. The phenomenological approach can be introduced into the study of Islam as an acceptable approach when exploring Islam, and it includes practical examples often encountered in everyday life.