Penyelesaian Kontradiksi Dalil Melalui Metode Al-Jam’u Wa Al-Taufiq Dan Nasakh


In the process of seeking evidence, the issue of ta'arudh al-adillah or the existence of contradictory evidence arises, prompting the mujtahid to formulate potential resolutions to the conflict of evidence. This research aims to discuss methods of resolving seemingly conflicting pieces of evidence. The approach employed in this study is qualitative, utilizing a literature review method to examine sources and data related to the method of resolving ta'arudh al-Adillah in Islamic law. The research reveals that among the proposed methods of resolution is the effort to gather these pieces of evidence and compromise them to obtain a middle-ground legal ruling. This resolution method is referred to as al-jam'u wa al-taufiq. Additionally, mujtahid also employs the method of nasakh, which involves the annulment or cancellation of one of the conflicting pieces of evidence, emphasizing the evidence that was revealed first.