Bimbingan Mengaji Dalam Meningkatkan Mutu Pendidikan Di Raudhatul Athfal Al-Aliy Kendal Waru Timur Pamekasan


The aim of the research is to find out and describe Koran tutoring and its impact on quality at Raudhatul Athfal Al-Aliy Pamekasan. Qualitative research method with a case study approach. Data collection techniques: observation, interviews, and documentation. Data processing techniques: condensation, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. Data validity techniques: credibility and confirmability tests. Research results: (1) guidance on reciting the Koran: (a) pre-guidance: provision of recitation equipment, preparation of teaching methods, motivating students. (b) guidance process: guessing, transportation, and reciting the Koran. (c) post-guidance: assessment of student achievement, journals, and awarding. (2) impact of Koran tutoring: (a) schools: increase learning facilities. (b) teacher: creative, good teaching. (c) students: enthusiasm for learning. (d) Parents: Know the student's progress.