Dry Cupping Therapy in Overcoming Migraine at Ashadique Healthy Care Clinic Palembang City


The development of advanced science and technology as well as the increasing standard and quality of human life have made lifestyles irregular and increased working hours. The consequences can have a positive impact on productivity but also produce negative impacts that can be detrimental to physical and psychological health. Migraine is one of the most common headache disorders, characterized by a lateral, intense, throbbing, or throbbing sensation in the head. Cupping is a method of treating thibbun nabawi or treatment suggested by Rasulullah SAW by removing toxins or elements that are not needed in the body. This type of research is a qualitative field research (field research) which obtains data from the field or research site through observation, interviews and dry cupping therapy on patients at the Ashadique Healthy Care Clinic in Palembang City, then the data is analyzed through descriptive analysis. The formulation of this research is How does dry cupping therapy affect Migraine at the Ashadique Healthy Care Clinic in Palembang City, and the purpose of this study is to examine the effect of dry cupping therapy on Migraine at the Ashadique Healthy Care Clinic in Palembang City. The results of this study show that the dry cupping therapy carried out by the researcher, the patient felt comfort in the body being cupped, and blood circulation improved and migraines were felt to be reduced. In the final result of the dry cupping therapy carried out, at this stage the patient no longer felt migraines. as before the therapy was carried out, so that the patient is said to have recovered at the end of this cupping therapy method and the patient's blood circulation is normal.