Ta?wir Ta`lim Kitab “Khula?ah Nur al-Yaqin” Bi Istiratijiyah al-Jahirah (Vocalize) `Ala Asas al-Madkhal al-Kulli Wa ?ariqah al-Qira’ah Li Tarqiyah Qudrah a?-?alabah `Ala Fahm an-Nushush (Dirasah al-Ba?? Wa at-Ta?wir Bi Ma`had Insan Qur’ani Aceh Besar)


The strategy is a plan, method, or activity designed to enhance students’ learning and achieve certain educational goals. Strategy relates to the execution of the idea, planning, and execution of an activity within a certain period. This study aims to determine the learning process using the Al-Jahera Strategy (Vocalize) at Dayah Insan Qurani Aceh Besar, and to determine the effectiveness of using the Al-Jahera Strategy (Vocalize) based on the Whole Language Approach and Reading Method to improve students' ability to understand text in the book of Khulasha Noor Al Yaqeen, also to find out the response of students’ class VIII at Dayah Insan Qurani Aceh Besar. The Research Method referred to Research and Development (R&D) with ADDIE models. The object of this Research is 31 students (VIII-A) for the 2022/2023 academic year at Dayah Insan Qurani, Aceh Besar. The result of this study, the researcher finds a new Teaching Strategy, namely " Strategy of Al-Jahera (Vocalize)" after going through experts’ validation. Based on the results, this strategy has proven to be effective in increasing the ability of class students (VIII-A) at Dayah Insan Qurani Aceh Besar to understand the text. Researchers obtained a higher average test result of 67.77 < 50.32 < 36.93. Researchers also got t-count results greater than the results of t-table 2.26 > 3.46/2.60/5.56. Student response to the development of this learning strategy amounted to 84.03% which indicates a standard result of between 80-100% "very good".