Kajian pemanfaatan teknologi motion capture dalam melestarikan tarian budaya nusantara


This article discusses methods for preserving Indonesian dances in Indonesia using motion capture technology. Indonesian archipelago dances such as the Khas Semarangan dance, Topeng Cirebon, and Lengger Lanang have had their movements recorded using motion capture. This article discusses how this dance is preserved using motion capture technology along with its advantages and disadvantages.  This article aims to determine the advantages and disadvantages of motion capture technology in preserving Indonesian dances in Indonesia.  This research is literature review research and the method used is literature study. The preparation of this literature review research used several national journals and media reports. Literature collection was carried out using the Google Scholar search engine.  The results obtained are that motion capture technology can be used as an introduction tool, basic learning, and as a reference for learning dance, especially the Semarangan Typical dance, Cirebon Mask, and Lengger Lanang. Motion capture technology can also produce dance simulation game applications. Apart from that, there are seven advantages and seven weaknesses in preserving Indonesian dance using motion capture technology. Preserving and documenting traditional Indonesian dances digitally using motion capture technology is very possible while still considering the existing advantages and disadvantages.