Exercise motivation and body image in middle-aged women


Middle-aged women do various ways to get an ideal body posture, one of which is by exercising. This study aims to determine the relationship between motivation to exercise and body image of middle-aged women. This research is correlative quantitative research. Middle-aged women at Mahkota Gym Prabumulih, totaling 105 people, participated in this study. The sampling technique used in this study was purposive sampling with 3 characteristics: middle-aged women aged 35-50 years, weighing more than 50 kgs, and regularly attending gymnastics classes at least once a week. The collection technique used body image scales and exercise motivation. This study uses a simple linear regression test analysis technique. Based on the results of data analysis, there is an influence of exercise motivation on body image. The contribution value of exercise motivation with body image is 21.5%. There is still a 78.5% influence from other factors related to body image that is not involved in this study, so it can be concluded that there is a very significant influence between exercise motivation on body image in middle-aged women at Mahkota Gym Prabumulih