Nilai-Nilai Karakter Religius Dalam Surat Yusuf Ayat 23-24 (Perspektif Tafsir Al Misbah)


In the Qur'an there are so many lessons that can be used as a reference in understanding and instilling values in students. Surah Yusuf verses 23-24, one of which contains religious character values taken from the story of the Prophet Yusuf, is very important to be developed further. This research uses Library Research Methods with Qualitative Descriptive Analysis Techniques. As primary data, it is taken from the Qur'anic interpretation of Al-Misbah. Secondary data is in the form of references to the science of moral education and the science of character education related to the content of the Qur'an Yusuf verses 23-24 with the story or story method in the verse. The results showed the concept of religious character values in the Qur'an Surah Yusuf verses 23-24 is very good to be conveyed as a science of character education and practiced in education as an applied science that can be realized in everyday life. So that educational goals will be realized and can create students as a generation with a strong foundation of religious character and good morals.