Konsep Kewajiban Manusia dan Implikasinya dalam Pendidikan Islam


 Not infrequently humans ignore the obligations that have been imposed on them. Assuming obligations are just routine. In this paper, the author describes the concept of human obligations, and the implications of human obligations that Allah has determined in the Quran and Hadith for Islamic education. This research is library research by reviewing and analyzing the verses of the Quran, hadith, books, proceeding, and journals related to the concept of human obligation and its implications for Islamic education. The data collection technique is to review the data sources. The data obtained is then processed with data analysis techniques through the stages of analyzing the verses of the Quran and Hadith related to human obligations so as to find the concept of human obligations, understand and analyze the characteristics of Islamic education, analyze and find implications of the concept of human obligations towards Islamic education, and draw conclusions. Through this paper, it can be seen that humans have obligations to God, fellow humans, animals, and nature. To carry out all these human obligations, humans need direction and guidance from Islamic education which always encourages humans to fulfill their obligations properly according to what Islam wants, both in knowing Allah the Creator, forming noble character, and professionalism in managing nature.