An Analysis of Errors on the Use of Adjectives in Descriptive Writing at SMPN 9 Palembang


This study was intended to find out the types of error in using adjective in writing descriptive text made by the eighth grade students of SMPN 9 Palembang. This study was conducted at SMPN 9 Palembang. This study was used quantitative approach and content analysis was employed as the research methodology. The total participants of this study were thirty-three students taken from eight grade of SMPN 9 Palembang by using purposive sampling. In collecting the data, the researcher used a descriptive writing test. The errors were collected, identified, and classified based on Dulay’s (1982) Surface Strategy Taxonomy (SST) which consisted of four types of error namely omission, addition, misformation, and misodering. The results showed that there were four types of errors made by students in descriptive writing, there were: 1) omission (27.5%), 2) addition (21.25%), 3) misformation (30%) and 4) misordering (21.25%). This study indicated that misformation was the highest error made by students.