Sexual Violence Management Through Polygraph and Psychological Intervention


Rape and violence against women are a massive problem in India. Among the various cities in India the highest number of rapes reported in metropolitan cities rather than small cities. Not only sexual offences are remarkably grown up in cities but in a rural area also. Rape victims in India, especially in a rural area often subject to shaming and considered not suitable for married life and the life of victim became destroyed. The study aimed to find a high degree of sexual violence among students and provide them with a systematic intervention to control their sexual motives. In the study, 500 students were surveyed and administered Sexual Violence Scale and 34 students were found with a high degree of sexual violence tendency. These students were randomly divided into two groups viz. experimental and control. The experimental group adults were provided a sex management programme for two months while the control group adults didn’t provide any programme. After a two months period, both groups were readministered Sexual Violence Risk Scale. The obtained data were analysed through t statistic. The significant difference was found between the two groups. It was found that the degree of sexual violence significantly decreased among experimental group adults.