Konsep Implementasi Penyuluhan Dalam Islam


The research objective is to describe the concept of counseling in Islam. Research method with descriptive qualitative through heritage study approach. Data collection techniques with documentation studies and data processing with education, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results of research on the concept of extension in Islam are with; 1) pre-counseling, during the pre-counseling stage that is carried out by determining targets/mad'u, determining language style, style of appearance, counseling material, counseling methods, counseling media and preparing mentally. 2) The counseling process, during the counseling process, is carried out by applying what has been determined in the pre-counseling, greeting mad'u with a gentle greeting or greeting, reassuring the heart with intentions, and carrying out counseling starting with a prayer and delivering material interspersed with humor without forcing mad'u. 3). Post counseling is to evaluate by assessing whether the activities are in accordance with the pre-counseling, and find feedback from the target.