PUCUK : Jurnal Ilmu Tanaman

Published by Universitas Ratu Samban


Articles: 0

ISSN (e-ISSN): 2809-784X (2809-1035 )

Grade: None

Country: Indonesia

PUCUK: Jurnal Ilmu Tanaman (Pucuk Journal) is a journal managed by Agriculture Faculty and published by the Universitas Ratu Samban, E-ISSN : 2809-1035 P-ISSN : 2809784X Pucuk Journal provides a forum for researchers on applied agricultural science to publish the original articles. The Jurnal PUCUK publishes research articles on advanced agronomy which its focuses related to various themes, topics and aspects including (but not limited) to the following topics: Agriculture, plant journal, the, biochemistry, botany, cell biology, genetic engineering, genetic, genetics, molecular biology, molecular genetics, physiology, phytopathology, plant pathology, plants.

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