Jurnal Dinamika Ekonomi Syariah

Published by Institut Agama Islam Pangeran Diponegoro Nganjuk, Jawa Timur


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Country: Indonesia

Jurnal Dinamika Ekonomi Syariah invites scholars, researchers, and students to contribute the result of their studies and researches in the areas related to Islamic economics, Islamic public finance, Islamic finance, Islamic accounting, Islamic business ethics, Islamic banking, Islamic insurance, Islamic economic thoughts, Islamic human resource management, Islamic microfinance, Islamic development economics, Islamic monetary economics, Islamic fiscal economics, Islamic capital market, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, People's Economy, Accounting, Cooperatives, Zakat, Sharia Financial Institutions, and other relevant themes. We hope that Jurnal Dinamika Ekonomi Syariah can collect all of researchers or academicians to contribute their ideas as a solution to increase the developing of Islamic economics and finance in this world.

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