International Journal of Social Learning (IJSL)

Published by Indonesian Journal Publisher


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ISSN (e-ISSN): 2774-8359 (2774-4426)

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Country: Indonesia

IJSL: International Journal of Social Learning (e-ISSN 2774-4426|p-ISSN 2774-8359) is a double blind international peer reviewed and open access journal to disseminating all information contributing to the understanding and development of social learning. The aim is to publish conceptual and research articles that explore the learning innovation of social and the everyday experience of social learning for students and society. Its scope is international in that it welcomes articles from academics, researchers, graduate students and policy makers. The articles published may take the form of original research, theoretical analyses, and critical review. All articles should be in English. The scope of journal : internet based learning, modern learning, the use of technology for learning, learning of social education, curriculum development for social learning, media innovation for social learning, strategy of social learning, empowerment and community development, social campaign for society, non-formal education, entrepreneurship learning for society, disaster education for society, peace education for society. IJSL: International Journal of Social Learning is published by Indonesian Journal Publisher in cooperation with Indonesian Social Studies Association (APRIPSI).

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