Titian: Jurnal Ilmu Humaniora

Published by Universitas Jambi


Articles: 0

ISSN (e-ISSN): 2615-3440 (2597-7229)

Grade: None

Country: Indonesia

Titian: Jurnal Ilmu Humaniora is an academic scientific journal in humanities (cultural) field study which published by Faculty of humanities, Jambi University. The publication of this journal is intended to publish various research articles, literature studies, field studies, conceptual ideas, the study application in humanities perspective theory. This journal can be written in Indonesian, English, and Arabic. This journal prioritizes interdisciplinary approaches that combine linguistics, literature (local, Indonesian, English, Arabic), History, Archeology, Art, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnography and Religion. Titian's journal is published periodically twice a year in June and December.

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