Al-Bukhari: Jurnal Ilmu Hadis

Published by IAIN Langsa


Articles: 0

ISSN (e-ISSN): 2621-3559 (2622-7606)

Grade: None

Country: Indonesia

Al-Bukhārī: Jurnal Ilmu Hadis, is a scholarly periodical journal published by the Department of Hadis Sciences (IH), Faculty of Usuluddin, Adab, and Da'wah (FUAD), State Islamic Institute of Langsa (IAIN) twice a year (January-June, and July-December). Al-Bukhārī's journal is a place to present the results of scientific works from lecturers, students, researchers, practitioners and those who interested in field research study, classical-contemporary research, Muslim-Western study and all related researches to hadis sciences.

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