Diglosia: Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pengajarannya

Published by Universitas Mulawarman


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ISSN (e-ISSN): 2615-725X (2615-8655)

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Country: Indonesia

Diglosia: Jurnal Kajian Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pengajarannya is a scientific journal and high quality open access peer reviewed, that contains the results of language, literature, and teaching research. Diglosia was first published in Samarinda in 2018 by the Master Program of Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Mulawarman University. Since 2019, Diglosia is published trianual a year, February, June and October. All articles have passed reviewing process by peer reviewers and edited by editors. Diglosia accepts submissions of original articles that have not been published elsewhere nor being considered or processed for publication anywhere, and demonstrate no plagiarism whatsoever. The prerequisites, standards, and format of the manuscript are listed in the author guidelines and templates. Any accepted manuscript will be reviewed by at least some referees.

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