Eksisbank (Ekonomi Syariah dan Bisnis Perbankan)

Published by STIE Syariah Indonesia Purwakarta


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ISSN (e-ISSN): 2599-2708 (2654-8526)

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Country: Indonesia

Eksisbank Journal is open access published by the Sharia Economic Study Program and Syariah STIES Banking Indonesia Purwakarta. The main objective of Eksisbank is to provide a platform for scholars, academics and international researchers to share contemporary thoughts in the fields of accounting, taxation, sharia financial management, marketing management, Human Resource management, Islamic capital markets, strategic management, risk management, sharia economics , entrepreneurship, and the sharia banking business in the form of research results, feedback articles, and case reports. It also aims to promote sharia economic studies and Islamic banking, thereby becoming a leading international journal in the field of Islamic economics and Islamic banking in the world. This journal publishes research papers in all areas of Islamic Economics and Islamic Banking such as: Accounting; Taxation; Sharia Financial Management; Marketing Management; Human Resource Management; Sharia Capital Market; Strategic Management; Risk Management; Islamic Economics Entrepreneurship; Sharia Banking Business; and study of Islamic Economics and other related Islamic Banking.

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