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ISSN (e-ISSN): 2338-2619 (2338-7920)

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Country: Indonesia

Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business (ISSN: 2338-2619 (p); 2338-7920 (e)) is an International Journal which is published by Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business in cooperation with Consortium for Islamic Economics. This journal is designed to provide a forum for researchers/academicians and also practitioners who are interested in knowledge and in discussing ideas, issues and challenges in the field of Islamic economics and business, finance, banking, accounting. In addition, this journal can contribute to solve the problem of the ummah, gap between theory and practice etc. The scope or coverage of thi International journal will include but are not limited to: Islamic Economics, Islamic Business, Islamic banking, Islamic capital markets, Islamic wealth management, Issues on shariah implementation/practices of Islamic banking, Zakat and awqaf, Takaful, Islamic Corporate Finance, Shariah-compliant risk management, Islamic derivatives, Issues of Shari`ah Supervisory Boards, Islamic business ethics, Islamic Accounting, Islamic Auditing.

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