Beta Jurnal Tadris Matematika

Published by IAIN Mataram


Articles: 0

ISSN (e-ISSN): 2085-5893 (2541-0458)

Grade: M2

Country: Indonesia

Bετα|jurnal tadris matematika (p-ISSN:2085-5893, e-ISSN: 2541-0458) is scientific, peer-reviewed and open access journal managed and published by Program Studi Tadris Matematika Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Mataram biannually on May and November. It aims to be open access journal platform which publishes and disseminates the ideas and researches on mathematics learning. Its focus is to publish original research and/or library analysis on how students learn mathematics and how mathematics is taught in primary, secondary and undergraduate level. To maintain this focus, the scope of the published articles will be as follows: > Mathematics learning integrated with Islamic values or character in schools/Madrasah > Mathematics learning based on the constructivist perspective > The development of ICT-based mathematics learning tools > Teaching and learning mathematics at undergraduate level

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