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Call for Papers International Journal of Business and Social Science Research (IJBSSR) is open access multidisciplinary journal which publishes double blind...

Call for papers

Journal Ilmiah Teunuleh: Education, Anthropology, Archeology, Communication, Cultural Studies, Demography, Development, , Gender studies, General Sosial Sciences, Geography Planning and Development,...


September 14 2020

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. VYGOTSKY: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika dan Matematika Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika Universitas Islam Lamongan dapat diakses melalui link...

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Jurnal Penelitian Psikologi

September 10 2020

Publised by Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya Jurnal Penelitian Psikologi (JPP), memuat artikel hasil penelitian empiris terkait dengan bidang psikologi, diantaranya bidang psikologi pendidikan, psikologi sosial, psikologi...

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Identification of Potential Medicinal Plants in Tawang Selubang Forest in Kelam Permai Subdistrict, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan

August 23 2020

The Tawang Selubang Forest, located in the Other Use Area (APL) is determined by the regional government of Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan as the Hutan Tutupan (forest...

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