May 07 2021 | Published by multica

Prime number in growth computer science of number theory and very need to yield an tool which can yield an hardware storey level effectiveness use efficiency and Existing Tools can be used to awaken regular prime number sequence pattern, structure bit-array represent containing subdividing variables method of data aggregate with every data element which have type of equal, and also can be used in moth-balls the yielded number sequence. Prime number very useful to be applied by as bases from algorithm kriptografi key public creation, hash table, best algorithm if applied hence is prime number in order to can minimize collision (collisions) will happen, in determining pattern sequence of prime number which size measure is very big is not an work easy to, so that become problems which must be searched by the way of quickest to yield sequence of prime number which size measure is very big Serial use of prosesor in seeking sequence prime number which size measure is very big less be efficient remember needing of computing time which long enough, so also plural use prosesor in seeking sequence of prime number will concerning to price problem and require software newly. So that by using generator of prime number use structure bit-array expected by difficulty in searching pattern sequence of prime number can be overcome though without using plural processor even if, as well as time complexity minimization can accessed. Execution time savings gained from the research seen from the research data, using the algorithm on the input Atkins 676,999,999. 4235747.00 execution takes seconds. While the algorithm by using an array of input bits 676,999,999. 13955.00 execution takes seconds. So that there is a difference of execution time for 4221792.00 seconds.