Relasi Doa dengan Usaha Dalam Perspektif Al-Qur'an


Humans who are endowed with reason are creatures who reason, think, desire and are willing to determine what their hopes and desires are. For this reason, as a means to achieve their hopes, Allah SWT commands humans to always try, both efforts to achieve worldly desires and efforts to achieve ukhrawi desires, or efforts to achieve both. However, effort alone is not enough, Allah also commands humans to pray (ask) to Him from every thing that humans want. This study will review the relationship between prayer and effort in the perspective of the Qur'an. By using the thematic method and the scientific approach of munasabah, it is concluded that the hopes desired by humans must be realized in the form of a sincere endeavor. Should not just stand idly by the results of the expectations he wants. At the same time, these hopes must also be realized in the form of prayer to Allah SWT as the One Who is All-Powerful over everything. This is because humans as creatures need God who is the Lord of the entire universe. Therefore, human hopes and desires must be achieved by trying and praying continuously.