Autonomous Fuzzy Heading Control for a Multi-Wheeled Combat Vehicle


This paper introduces the design and the implementation of a heading angle tracking controller using fuzzy logic for a scaled Autonomous Multi-Wheeled Combat Vehicle (AMWCV) to navigate in outdoor environments. The challenge of designing this control system is to control the steering of the front four wheels individually to obtain the correct heading angle of the vehicle. The main contribution of the paper can be summarized in the fact that it is designing four fuzzy controllers for navigation and tracking the desired heading angle while at the same time while controlling the steering of the front four wheels individually. The AMWCV is capable of forwarding and backward movement where all eight wheels are powered individually. The different heading angles are used and simulated using MATLAB software to evaluate the performances of the developed algorithms. In addition, the performance of the developed controllers is validated in the presence of noise and disturbance in order to evaluate the robustness of the controller's Simulation results show the performances and demonstrate that the developed controllers are effective in predicting the desired heading angle changes.