Analisis Sentimen Terhadap Layanan Indihome Berdasarkan Twitter Dengan Metode Klasifikasi Support Vector Machine (SVM)


In the year 2018, 18.9% of the population in Indonesia mentioned that the main reason for their use of the Internet is social media. One of the social media with an active user of 6.43 million users is Twitter. Based on the surge of information published via Twitter, it is possible that such information may contain the user's opinions on an object, such objects may be events around the community such as a product or service. This makes the company use Twitter as a medium to disseminate information. An example is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Indihome. Through Twitter, users can discuss each other's complaints or satisfaction with Indihome's services. It takes a method of sentiment analysis to understand whether the textual data includes negative opinions or positive opinions. Thus, the authors use the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method in sentiment analysis on the opinions of the Indihome service user on Twitter, with the aim of obtaining a sentiment classification model using SVM, and to know how much accuracy the SVM method generates, which is applied to sentiment analysis, and to see how satisfied the Indihome service users are based on Twitter. After testing with SVM method The result is accuracy 87%, precision 86%, recall 95%, error rate 13%, and F1-score 90%