Effects of Educational Video on PPKn Subject Learning In Elementary School


This development aims to design, produce and test the validity of the product and test the validity of the product and find out its effectiveness in the presentation of citizenship education subjects for an elementary school in the form of video media. While the material in developing video media is the subjects of discipline, this study uses the ADDIE which consists of stages (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation, (5) Evaluation. This product development was followed by validation of material experts, media experts and field audiences. To determine the effectiveness of the instructional media products development, the Garum student test phase was taken as many as 25 peoples. From the table above, all students experience an increase in learning and fulfiling SKM (≥70). The avarege score on the pre-test was 71,77% and the [ost-test 93,28%. So than in increase in the score  of learning outcomes  in the  overall  field test totaled 546 with  a presentage  increase  of 21,84%. Before  the use  of learning video media that fulfilled SKM by 56% increase to 100% after using learning video media. As  for the  students learning value data as a whole  the learning  outcomes of students who achived SKM (≥70).. were obtained after  using the learning media video of 100%.  With the increase in several presentations of learning in all students, this showing this video media is effectively used in the teaching and learning precess in improving student learning achievement.