Increased Production Of Breast Milk With The Papaya Fruit Consumption


The low scope of Exclusive breastfeeding can cause nutritional problems in infants. Efforts to overcome them, among others, by increasing milk production. Papaya as one fruit containing Laktagogum.Lactagogue is a drug that can increase or facilitate the expenditure of milk. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of young papaya fruit consumption on milk production in breastfeeding mothers. The research method used is Experimental Design using One group pre-test post-test method. The population in the study were nursing mothers whose babies were still alive and aged 7-28 days with nonrandom technique (purposive sampling) obtained a sample of 14 people. Based on research result of the average of milk production volume before given treatment 16,79, deviation standard 7,277 and after consumption of papaya fruit treatment average is 26,07, deviation standard 7,385. It can be concluded the result of Paired TTest statistic test obtained p-value = 0,000 (0,000 <0,05) this shows the effect of giving young papaya fruit in the form of clear vegetable to increase milk production. With the results of the study is expected to consume young papaya fruit can be one food source that can increase milk production.