Development of Problem-Based Kinematics Teaching Material to Improve Students' Critical Thinking Skills


Physics learning needs to be given by giving problems so that students can gain experience from their thinking abilities. Student's mindset will be more focused if they are able to think critically. The purpose of this study was to develop problem-based teaching material to improve informatics engineering students' critical thinking skills. With this teaching material development, students are expected to be able to maximize their thinking skills. This study used development research design that aimed to produce a problem-based physics teaching material. The trial subjects for this teaching materials were 3 lecturers and 12 informatics engineering students from University of PGRI Madiun. From this study, quantitative and qualitative data were obtained. The obtained data from the assessment of lecturers and students will be analyzed by average analysis technique. From the average value obtained, the feasibility level of problem-based teaching material will be determined. Based on the results of the analysis, the average value of 3.33 with good category were obtained. Furthermore, the results of this teaching materials development can be used in the implementation test. Teaching materials were needed by students to gain direct experience in learning physics.