BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan

Published by Universitas Pattimura


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ISSN (e-ISSN): 1978-7227 (2615-3017)

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Country: Indonesia

BAREKENG Journal (Jurnal ilmu Matematika dan Terapan) is one of the scientific publication media, which publish the article related to the result of research or study in the field of Pure Mathematics (analysis, algebra & number theory), Applied Mathematics (Fuzzy, Artificial Neural Network, Mathematics Modeling & Simulation, Control & Optimization, Ethno-mathematics, etc.), Statistics, Actuary, Logic, Geometry & Topology, Numerical Analysis, Mathematic Computation and Mathematics Education. The meaning word of "BAREKENG": "Barekeng" is one of the words from Moluccas language which means "Counting" or "Calculating". Counting is one of the main and fundamental activities in the field of Mathematics. Therefore we tried to promote the word "Barekeng" as the name of our scientific journal also to promote the culture of the Maluku Area. BAREKENG Journal is published twice a year in March and December, and each issue consists of 8 articles. The first published since 2007 in printed version (p-ISSN: 1978-7227) and then in 2018 BAREKENG journal has published in online version (e-ISSN: 2615-3017) on website: ( This journal system is currently using OJS3.0.2.0 from PKP.

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